12-18-23 Flint Community Schools Celebrates Grant Awards to Doyle Ryder Education Center and Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary

Celebrating Award Recipients

12-18-23 Public Announcement

Flint Community Schools Celebrates Grant Awards to Doyle Ryder Education Center and Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary

FLINT, MICHIGAN - Flint Community Schools proudly announces that Doyle Ryder Education Center and Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary have been selected as recipients of substantial grant funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. Each school has been awarded $250,000 for the current school year. This funding is part of a generous $1.75 million grant distributed to five school districts, supporting initiatives at eight schools under the newly established Network for School Excellence.

Superintendent Kevelin Jones expressed his enthusiasm for this opportunity: "The generous grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation marks a pivotal moment in the journey of educational excellence within Flint. This support empowers us to collaborate and innovate more effectively, bringing tangible, positive changes in our children's educational experiences and outcomes. These funds will enable our schools to develop and implement innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our scholars. This flexibility is crucial in our endeavor to elevate scholar success. We are immensely thankful for this opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of our scholars, particularly those in historically underserved communities."

The Network for School Excellence, an initiative led by the Flint Center for Educational Excellence, aims to unite a cohort of schools in collaborative efforts to enhance educational outcomes for scholars in Flint. The participating schools, including Doyle Ryder Education Center and Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary, were selected based on specific criteria. These criteria include serving a significant number of Flint children, particularly those from Black or Latino backgrounds and economically disadvantaged households. Additionally, each school has committed to identifying core instructional challenges and working collectively with other schools and leaders to foster, demonstrate, and replicate initiatives that bolster educational achievements for Flint scholars. As part of the Network, schools will share data, insights, and feedback, working with Flint Center staff to design strategic initiatives to enhance educational opportunities and outcomes for scholars.

Doyle-Ryder Principal Natoya Coleman shared her vision for the future: "Our status as a Network School and a recipient of this funding empowers us to dream, plan, and implement innovative strategies that will significantly benefit our scholars. Often, the focus is on limitations, but we are embracing possibilities, which is incredibly exciting. I envision this as a historic partnership, and I am immensely grateful that my scholars at Doyle-Ryder Elementary will be among the initial beneficiaries of this remarkable initiative."

Flint Community Schools is excited to witness these grants' transformative impact on our scholars and the broader community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation for their unwavering support and commitment to the educational advancement of Flint's children.

The following is the article released by Mott: Mott Foundation grants $1.75 million to support excellence and collaboration among schools that serve Flint kids.